Per Diem Policy

Note: The following per diem policy is subject to change. The current per diem policy will be included with any offer letter of employment.

This Per Diem policy applies to all Day&Zimmermann employees at all D&Z sites. When per diem is authorized by the Project Manager or the Director, Security Services, it will be paid in accordance with the following:


1. Employees’ primary residence must be greater than the sites’ contractual minimum of driven miles away from the jobsite using the shortest distance route. (DC Cook mileage requirement for Per Diem is under 50 miles) Mileage will be determined by the mandatory use of “MapQuest Shortest Distance” route.

2. Employee MUST provide a permanent residence mortgage, rent or lease document AND as many as possible of the following five with addresses from the same locale as proof of permanent residence:

  • Valid drivers license
  • Current voters registration from the county of primary residence
  • Current utility bill for primary residence ( Electric, Water, Gas, Telephone, Cable )
  • Current city tax receipts
  • Current vehicle registration

3. Employee must additionally provide proof of temporary residence, in the form of:
  • Local to site Hotel/Motel bill
  • Local to site Rent receipt

4. Employee must sign and submit a “Certificate of Per Diem Eligibility” form stating that they are incurring duplicate living expenses. If an employee’s permanent home is a greater distance than the contractual limit to qualify for per diem but the employee is commuting to and from their home they do not qualify for per diem. Day&Zimmermann may periodically request proof of duplicate living expenses (local to site hotel/motel bill, local to site rent payment, etc).

5. If an employee currently receiving per diem changes their per diem status by moving closer than eligibility mileage from the site or starts commuting to and from the jobsite, the employee must notify the project manager immediately of the change.

6. Per Diem eligibility will be verified by Day&Zimmermann and documented on the per diem eligibility form.

7. Core group employees are not eligible for per diem while working at their home base plant.


1. Payment for Per Diem will be issued along with the employees’ regular paycheck. The per diem period runs the same as the regular payroll.

2. There will be NO ADVANCE PAYMENT OF PER DIEM. Per Diem is not retroactive and will only begin once eligibility is determined.

3. For per diem purposes no excused absences will be recognized unless approved by the project manager.

4. An employee may not miss more than 1 ½ hours of a scheduled day for the day to be counted as a day worked. The only

exception to this rule is the day of termination. On the day of termination the employee must work a minimum of 4 hours to count as a day worked. Any exception subject to project manager’s approval.

5. An employee must work all scheduled work days for a given week to be paid per diem for scheduled days off. If an employee does not work on a scheduled day of work then per diem will be paid for days worked only for that week. Two exceptions to this rule are provided below when per diem is being paid on a 7 day basis:
  • >Week of hire – on the week of hire per diem will only be paid from the date of hire to the end of the pay period provided all other conditions are satisfied
  • Week of termination – on the week of termination per diem will be paid from the first day of the pay period up to the date of termination provided all other conditions are satisfied.