Working In Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is a unique industry. Nuclear power plants are highly regulated environments to ensure the safety of the plant, the public, and the workers. In every job in nuclear power what we do is guided by procedures that must be followed. There is also strong oversight from direct supervision, plant supervision, the NRC, and other work groups. The nuclear power industry has a strong Safety Consciouse Work Environment culture, where every employee is free and encouraged to report any safety, regulatory, or other concerns without fear of reprisal, with several avenues available to raise concerns.

Working As A Contractor: Working in the ice condenser is an excellent starting point to a career in nuclear power. Because we hire so many "new to nuke" people per outage working for our group is a great entry level opportunity to get into the industry. Many other employers view an employee that has been badged as having a major leg up in being offered employment. Going through the process of getting badged at a nuclear power plant opens a lot of opportunities.

Working nuclear plant outages: Nuclear power plant outages typically last around 4 weeks. Most contractors string 2 to 4 of these together each season, with most work being in the fall and the spring. Travelling between plants as a contractor is a great way to learn more about the industry, make a decent living, and have a great work life balance. Most contractors are off work for about half the year (the summer and the winter when plants want to be operating)and can generally qualify for unemployment compensation while off work.

Our company lists nuclear outage opportunities at There are also several other contracting groups out there that staff nuclear plant outages.

In House: Working as a contractor is a great way to get a foot in the door to potential future full time employment with the utility.

Career Paths From Ice:
Because we need to bring in so many people to do our job and we only have 2 units that need this specific work, we tend to have a high turnover. Many of our past employees have gone on to other excellent opportunities in the nuclear plant industry. We also have a core group of employees who continue to work the ice outages with us and work other contracting jobs in addition to ice.

    Permanent In House Utility Employees:
  • Auxilary Operators
  • Reactor Operators
  • Security Guards
  • Maintenance
  • Radiaton Protection
  • Safety
  • Project Management
    Contract Employees:
  • Skilled trades such as laborers, carpenters, painters, and millwrights
  • Steam Generator technicians
  • Dry Cask Storage
  • Fuel Movement

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