Per Diem Policy

Note: The following per diem policy is subject to change. The current per diem policy will be included with any offer letter of employment.

Eligibility for per diem and/or travel pay is contingent upon maintaining a primary physical residency 50 miles from the job site, as determined by MapQuest shortest distance route AND you must incur duplicate living expenses. Permanent residency and secondary local residency documentation is mandatory. You MUST provide a permanent residence mortgage, rent or lease document AND as many as possible of the following five documents with addresses from the same locale as proof of permanent physical residence: valid Driver’s License, current City Tax Receipt, current Voters Registration, current Utility Bill, and/or current Vehicle Registration. Proof of temporary/secondary residence, local to the job site, must be provided along with permanent residency documentation. All handwritten receipts must include legible name and phone number of landlord. Proof of temporary/ secondary residence may include a hotel receipt OR other rental receipt. Refer to Per Diem Rules for additional information. Per Diem is not paid in advance nor retro paid if documentation is not provided on start date.